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2021年3月8日 : 初カラー

2021年3月4日 : Soft perm style🤗This

2021On March 1st. : Two-block bright gray hair dye

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2021年2月24日 : Men's Perm Style🦱

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In Osaka, Naka mozu, affordable prices and courteous treatment Salon.
Feel comfortable in the cozy atmosphere is charming shops. head)は、”Customers, as always nice, always clean and want”We are in business with the concept. It is a shop with a charm with careful treatment and a calm, gentle, and comfortable atmosphere even at an affordable price.
To fulfill this wish of our customers and would like to believe.

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♦ introduction of PayPay!
coco.hairThe finally introduced the PayPay! Until now also pay cash only thanks to PayPay payments smoothly now! Students attending the nearby University has enjoyed.

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E-zine subscription head)Of the delivery deals! Free of charge, so please feel free to register.